Book Buteyko Breathing Classes

What is Buteyko Class

It is group class where you will learn and practice Buteyko Method and breathing techniques under supervision of experienced Buteyko Practitioner.

Class normally consists of the practical breathing part and piece of theory. The topic of each class can be different. It can be healthy diet from Buteyko vision, understanding of disorders like asthma,allergy, diabetes and many others which the participants have and how to treat them etc.

The class content can vary from pure questions and answers to fully practical class with check of the health state, exercises and home work.

On this page you can book classes if

  • you finished initial Beginner private/group Workshop and want to continue and deepen your theoretical and practical knowledge of Buteyko Method,
  • you have some questions and need to clarify some issues
  • you are ready to enter next level and start working with your body, mind and consciousness
  • you just want to be checked and approved that you do right thing

All reasons are welcome and will be met with love and attention.


Book Buteyko Class

1 class - $255 classes - $10010 classes - $180

AllergyAsthmaChest painChronic fatigueCoughingDiabetesDryness in mouthEmphysemaEpilepsyHeadachesHigh / Low blood pressureHypoglycemiaInsomniaIrritabilityKidney diseaseLack of concentrationMigraine headachesPantingWeak immune systemSchizophreniaTightness around chestVaricose veinsWeight gains / lossOther

How it works

Please pay attention that the time of the workshop starts is local.  Please check your GMT time zone.

When you pay the workshop price you will receive the payment confirmation by e-mail.
Then in another e-mail you will get login details and a room number for Zoom to enter the workshop on the chosen date at the time when the workshop starts.

Zoom Client for Meetings

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The web browser Zoom client will download automatically when you start or join your first Zoom meeting.