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What is Buteyko Method?

Method Buteyko was developed as scientific understanding of physical body. But in my discussions with Konstantin Pavlovich he considered CO2 as representative of Prana (energy body) at the physical level. He clearly understood that his discovery valuable at all levels of human existence: physical, energy and consciousness.

Asthma and Buteyko Method

Asthma is a deep breathing disease. Bronchial spasm is the cause of an asthma attack. Bronchi are muscular valves that open / close the passage of air into the alveoli of the lungs. With spasm, the passage narrows and the person lacks air, starts to choke. This is called bronchial asthma.
The cause of asthma
Bronchial spasm is reaction on the level of carbon dioxide reduction in the lungs and throughout the body. One of the most important properties of carbon dioxide – with a decrease in its level, all muscles contract and remain in a state of spasm. The lack of carbon dioxide in the body causes spasms of the bronchi and is the main cause of bronchial asthma.
How to heal asthma?
Eliminate the cause of spasm of the bronchi – to increase the level of carbon dioxide in the body, which will remove all muscle spasms, including bronchi. Buteyko’s Method is the most effective way to understand the problem and heal asthma by raising the level of carbon dioxide to the norm. It cures asthma and a whole series of asthma-related diseases: allergies, hypertension, fatigue, headaches, etc.

Why body dies?

Buteyko told me that there is no any reason for human body to die from physiology point of view. The body is perfect and able to completely renew itself if it has all elements needed to do this restoration work. But it does not live even 300 years while it has to live at least 1000 years. Why?

List of disorders healed by Buteyko

… for you who are suffering from the basic diseases included in the significantly shortened list below, I declare: they can be heeled with my Method!