Prices for the services

We consider this knowledge as precious. We offer Free Initiation Workshop for Beginners where you can learn Buteyko Method.

The Free Beginner Workshop last 2 days up to 1 hour each day and gives you the practical training of Buteyko Breathing Technique. After this workshop you understand your body needs and requirements and how to keep body healthy and happy. You also can start to use obtained knowledge and practice in your daily life to heal your body and prevent many possible future health problems.

All our workshops, classes and sessions are conducted by Buteyko Methodists certified by Konstantin Buteyko directly. They received this knowledge directly from Buteyko 40 years ago and have a lot of experience in treating people with different disorders.

If you want to dive deep in the subject or have serious body disorders like asthma, allergy, diabetes and more the 100 other disorders we can offer you our assistance. Here there is our price list.

Price Table